Training finance professionals for the ecological transition


The Shift Project is pleased to announce the publication of its final report “ClimatSup Finance – Training for a finance serving the transition“, which advocates for the training of all students and professionals in ecological issues. In this new publication, The Shift Project proposes concrete ways to integrate ecological issues into finance training, thanks to the involvement of more than 150 professionals from higher education, management and finance.

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To consult the other deliverables, go to the French page of the ClimatSup Finance project.

Educating all financial actors on ecological issues, an essentiel condition for finance to serve the ecological transition

The Shift Project offers concrete solutions to integrate ecological issues to financial education, in partnership with professors and sector experts.

The ecological transition requires massive financing. Regarding mitigation of climate change only, investments required in France
amount to 100 billion euros per year by 2030. Financial needs are diverse : industrial processes decarbonization, building insulation, species protection, etc. Only 5 % of France’s financial trainings include ecological issues : financial actors have a major role to play, but they are not being trained for it.

Financial professionals must understand the physical constraints and their implications for their job. To get there, they need to follow at least 320 hours of trainings for a 5 year postgraduate program. Ecological issues must be integrated in a transverse manner to all courses. Events to raise awareness or a single course on those issues are not enough. All actors, initial and continuous education alike, must be involved in this evolution.