Educating the actors of tomorrow’s economy


The Shift Project is pleased to announce the publication of its latest report on the integration of environmental issues into higher education: “ClimatSup Business: Educating the actors of tomorrow’s economy”. This report proposes an operational method for integrating environmental issues into business education, developed in partnership with the Audencia School of Management and several other institutions.

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Educating the actors of tomorrow’s economy on ecological issues : an essential condition for the transition

The Shift Project offers an operational method to incorporate ecological issues within management studies, developed in partnership with Audencia business school and multiple other higher education institutions.

Managers have a decisive role to play in the transition to a low carbon and resilient society. They need to mitigate the impacts of their organisations on the environment and participate in adapting society to current disruptions. Yet, they are very rarely taught about such issues. In 2019, only 6% of management programs addressed ecological issues as part of their mandatory courses. Our economic activity depends on energy and material flows, climatic conditions, and ecosystems. It must respect the planetary boundaries to be sustainable.

Tomorrow’s economic actors must fully integrate this reality. Management sciences and its professionals are at the heart of this revolution of ideas and practices. 94% of management lecturers believe that their institution should train students on ecological issues. The urgency is indisputable. This work needs to start as soon as possible.