The team

The Shift Project‘s collaborators are of diverse backgrounds, and are managed by the Executive Director Matthieu Auzanneau. The think tank operates under the supervision of the Internal Committee and its President Jean-Marc Jancovici. Project Managers lead the working groups, and The Shift Project is actively supported by volunteers organized within an independent association, The Shifters.

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Matthieu Auzanneau

Executive Director

Matthieu Auzanneau first joined the The Shift Project in 2014 as Public Affairs and Forecasting Manager and then became its executive director in September 2016. Prior to that, he had worked for more than ten years as a journalist, notably for the French daily newspaper Le Monde and the television network Arte. Albeit sporadically, he still pursues his work as a journalist, which is situated at the crossroads of economics and ecology. Since 2010, Matthieu has been a guest blogger on Le Monde’s website through his blog “Oil Man, chronicles of the beginning of the end of oil.” Also author, he published Or Noir – La grande histoire du pétrole (ed. La Découverte, 2015), which was awarded the Special Price of the Association of Energy Economists (AEE) in 2016. His Twitter account is @OIL_MEN.

Zeynep Kahraman

Head of Projects

Zeynep Kahraman oversees all the think tank’s projects. Economist specialised in econometrics, as background, she graduated from the Istanbul Technical University and from the Toulouse School of Economics, where she also focused on the topics of Environmental Economics. She joined The Shift Project in 2011 as project Leader in charge of the Climate and Energy Data Portal, an information platform that provides immediate and free access to a wide range of global energy and climate statistics. She has worked on energy scenarios and has co-authored alongside Gaël Giraud, an academic paper which aimed to make clear the strong link between GDP and energy. She has also co-written the book Décarbonons ! 9 propositions pour que l’Europe change d’ère (Odile Jacob, 2017).

Jean-Noël Geist

Head of Public Affairs

Jean-Noël Geist is in charge of the The Shift Project’s Public Affairs. A graduate of Sciences-Po Strasbourg and the University of Thessaloniki in European studies, he also holds a Master’s degree in gender, discrimination and diversity studies from Sciences-Po Toulouse. He first joined the Shift‘s Communication and Events team and then, after a professional interlude in politics, took over the coordination of the think tank’s public affairs. Jean-Noël is also secretary for the Shift for the association Expérience P2E, which has been experimenting with the Energy Efficiency Passport since 2016. Rather polyvalent, Jean-Noël frequently lends a hand to the think tank’s communication activities and also to the projects’ working groups.

Claire Martin

Administrative, Financial and Office Manager

Claire Martin manages the administration, finance and human relations within the Shift Project. She makes sure good practices are implemented within the think tank. As executive assistant in a large group for ten years, Claire has worked with major decision-makers in international structures. Active in the associative world in recent years, she joined the Shift’s team convinced that everyone must make a contribution, take action and change mentalities to protect the planet.

Nicolas Raillard

Project Manager

Nicolas Raillard joined the Shift Project as project engineer, after having worked as a systems strategy engineer for four years. A graduate of ISAE-Supaéro and the Georgia Institute of Technology (USA), he holds a specialised master’s degree in “Environment International Management” from Mines ParisTech / Tsinghua University (China). He is now applying his skills in managing complex systems in ecological transition, particularly in peri-urban mobility and electrical systems. He also coordinates the Shift’s Transformation Plan (more commonly known as PTEF, its French acronym).

Clémence Vorreux

Project Manager

Initially, Clémence Vorreux joined the Shift‘s public affairs department and worked on peri-urban mobility. Co-author of the Shift‘s report Mobilizing Higher Education for Climate, she now coordinates projects related to climate-energy education and mobility policies. A graduate of Sciences Po Strasbourg where she obtained a Master’s degree in European Politics and Public Affairs, she worked for the European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment in Brussels, and then decided to join us to help make our vision of the energy transition come to fruition.

Maxime Efoui-Hess

Project Manager

Maxime Efoui-Hess joined the Shift’s team to work on information and communication technologies. Engineer specialised in climate and modelling, he is a graduate of the Energy, Transport, Environment course at ISAE-SUPAÉRO and of the Climate Dynamics course given by the University Paul Sabatier in Toulouse and the National School of Meteorology. He has also worked on the physical mechanisms of heatwave development in future climate in France and Europe, at the European Centre for Research and Advanced Training in Scientific Computing (CERFACS). He co-authored with Hugues Ferreboeuf the Shift’s reports “Lean ICT – For digital sobriety” (2018) and “Deploy digital sobriety” (2020). He was the main author of the report “Climate: the unsustainable use of video – A practical case for digital sobriety” (2019). He also coordinates the Industry project within the think tank.

Ilana Toledano

Communication & Events Manager

A graduate from the Aix-en-Provence Institute of Political Studies and CELSA, Ilana studied International Relations before specializing in communication studies. Ilana worked for several years in French and international non-profit organisations, such as Amnesty International, the UN, Women Equity or the CCFD-Terre Solidaire. In 2017, she founded the Seventeen Muscles Project in the support of refugees. She joined The Shift Project in 2019 where she is in charge of events and communication. She notably works on The Shift Forum.

Paul Boosz

Project Officer

Paul Boosz joined The Shift Project to work on the data portal, as well as on the mobility project in the Seine Valley. Graduated from the Ponts et Chaussées School, he then obtained a master’s degree in Machine Learning from Paris-Saclay University. He worked for 3 years as data scientist in a startup, after which he assisted the French government in the fight against money laundering. Passionate of climate and energy issues, he now wishes to put his skills at the service of the ecological transition.

Yannick Saleman

Project Manager

Yannick Saleman joined The Shift Project in 2020 to lead the jobs, finance and macroeconomics chapters of the Tranformation Plan (PTEF). Also an active Shifter (the volunteer’s association affiliated to our think tank), he animates the local group in Reunion Island and coordinates overseas volunteers more generally. An engineer from Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, he also holds an MSc in Finance and Economics from the London School of Economics, and a Master’s degree of Public Administration from Columbia University. After four years working on financial markets, he joins the World Bank where for almost 8 years he looks at economic transformation policies in India and Africa. A cited author on industrial policies, he led multisectorial teams for the design and implementation of complex, systemic projects linking development and the environment in West Africa and the Indian Ocean.

Damien Amichaud

Project Manager

Damien is overseeing the “ClimatSup INSA” project which aims at integrating the most relevant energy and climate issues into the INSA group schools’ engineering trainings. An engineer graduated from the Ecole des Mines de Douai in Energy Engineering, he also completed a Master’s degree at the University of Lyon 3 in Ethics, Ecology and Sustainable Development. He has managed projects in Industry’s Research and Development for thirteen years. Convinced that the young engineers generation will play a fundamental role in the ecological transition, he questions the engineer’s role for society in this project.

Laurent Delcayrou

Project Manager

Laurent Delcayrou joined The Shift Project in 2020 to manage the Territory resilience strategy. Agronomist and economist by training he worked on defining and improving development policies and projects for more than twenty-five years. As consultant or as association leader, he contributed to designing and implementing territory strategies in France, in Europe and in the world. He also managed several national networks of local authorities and French NGO. In 2008, he founded eurêka21 a consulting firm specialised in European territorial cooperation and analysis of outstanding European practices in sustainable development.

Baptiste Andrieu

Project Officer

Baptiste Andrieu joined the Shift to work on the “Industry under constraints” project. Engineer specialised in materials science at Grenoble-INP Phelma, he previously completed a research internship in dynamic modelling of metal requirements for energy transition. Baptiste has also represented Engineers Without Borders (EWB) at various world climate summits and was co-president of the Grenoble EWB group.

Nolwenn Brossier

Project Officer

Nolwenn Brossier joined the Shift as Project Officer on the Transformation Plan (PTEF). . Valedictorian of a Master in environmental risks governance (co-accredited by Lyon 2 and 3 Universities, Lyon’s École Centrale and SciencesPo), Nolwenn was previously a reporter for Reuters news agency. Nolwenn now wishes to work on adapting our society to the consequences of climate change and develop its resilience.

Christophe Jampolsky

Volunteering Manager

Christophe Jampolsky joined the Shift in 2020 as volunteering manager. Prior to that, he spent many years in the BNP Paribas Group, mainly as purchasing manager, following many years as well in IT systems/networks & telecoms with a manufacturer. Christophe’s main mission is to help organise and structure the exchanges between the Shift and the Shifters in order to foster a smooth communication between the two sister organisations in this period of strong growth.

Vinciane Martin

Project Officer

Vinciane Martin joined The Shift Project to work on employment and finance, as part of the Shift’s Transformation Plan (PTEF). She is a graduate of HEC Paris business school, and carried out internships in the social economy and private equity. As a student, she was a member of the collective “For an Ecological Awakening” and committed for integrating ecological issues in businesses and higher education curricula.

Dominique Castan

Shifters’ General Coordinator

Dominique Castan joined the Shift under the Atos skills sponsorship, in order to ensure the general coordination of activity of the Shifters. Dominique was previously Security Product Manager at Evidian, and then Head of Cyber Security Consulting at Atos France.

Pauline Brouillard

Communication & Events Officer

After obtaining a Master’s degree in International Cooperation for Development at the University of Salamanca and a Master’s degree in “Sustainable Development” at Sciences Po Lille, Pauline joined the Shift’s Communication and Events team. She previously worked in embassies and for French and international non-profit organizations (Amnesty International Spain and Convergences-ACTED).

Sam Allier

Project Officer

Sam Allier joined the Shift to work on the “ClimatSup INSA” project. Recently graduated from the Ecole des Mines d’Alès, specializing in energy & environment, he coordinated a working group on the integration of ecological and social issues in the engineering training courses of the Institut Mines Télécom group. He is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in the History of Science, Technology and Knowledge at EHESS. Sam has also represented Engineers Without Borders (EWB) at various world climate summits and was president of the EWB Alès group.

Anne-Laure Tournier

Project Officer

Anne-Laure Tournier joined The Shift Project to work on the “ClimateSup INSA” project. Currently in her last year of engineering school at Grenoble INP – Ense3, she was involved during her studies in the social entrepreneurship field, which led her to join the Enactus community – as a student and as a part of the national team, Enactus France.

Corentin Riet

Project Officer

Corentin Riet has joined the Shift to work on the Resilience Strategy for Territories project. A very sympathetic natural person, he enlightens the Shift every day with his radiant presence. Approaching the end of his studies at ESSEC, where he attended the Chair of Urban Economics, he is also pursuing a Master’s degree in Cognitive Sciences at ENS-PSL. He has previously worked at the Cour des Comptes and on mission in local authorities on the theme of ecological transition.

Selma Chanemougame

Head of Partnerships

Selma Chanemougame is the Shift Project’s Partnership Manager. She manages the relationship with the Shift’s funders and develops the partnership activity. She also has an organizational consulting role on the processes and tools of the entire Think Tank activity. A general engineer by training, she has worked for more than 10 years as a sales representative in service companies and IT engineering consulting firms. Passionate about the associative, social and environmental world, she worked as a volunteer in numerous NGOs before finally embarking on a professional reconversion and achieving her dream by joining the Shift and its committed, energetic and humble team.

Anaïs Carrière

Communication & Events Officer

After a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a master’s degree in Digital Strategy at Sciences Po Grenoble, Anaïs joined the Shift Project for an internship as a communication and event manager. During her studies, she became interested in the relationship between digital and ecological transition through several research projects. She previously worked for IlFautSauver: a collaborative media that promotes concrete and replicable solutions to accelerate the ecological transition at the local level.

Erwan Proto

Project Officer

Erwan has graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris, speciality Energy/electrical systems. He has done an internship in R&D at EDF. He first joined the Shift on the Power Systems project, then works currently on the French Economy Transformation Plan, on energy-carbon balances and on the waste, recycling and second life industry sector.

Emma Stokking

Communication Strategist for the French Economy Transformation Plan

Emma Stokking joined The Shift Project in March 2021 to supervise the communication and influence strategy of the French Economy Transformation Plan. Previous roles include research assistant for Demos, a think tank located in NYC, consultant for social startups in India and in the Philippines, and content manager for Sparknews where she launched a community of artists who use their creativity to build a more sustainable future. Emma holds a Masters in Management from ESSEC Business School, where she completed the social entrepreneurship major, and a degree from the Philippines Mermaid Swimming Academy.


If you wish to join The Shift Project, go to the “Join Us” page.

The Internal Committee, whose members are elected among the Board of Directors, manages the day-to-day business of The Shift Project with the Executive Director and his team. Since 2016, it is supported by three new administrators who wished to be strongly involved in our activities: they help to drive our research, promote our studies and represent the think tank.

Jean-Marc Jancovici


Jean-Marc Jancovici is the president of the think tank The Shift Project. He is a partner of Carbone 4, a consulting firm specialising in carbon strategy which he cofounded in 2007. Carbone 4 provides consulting services and data to the economic world in order to tackle the energy-climate challenge. He graduated from Polytechnique, and is a professor at Mines ParisTech since 2009. He is also a member of the « Haut Conseil pour le climat », independent advisory body created by the Prime minister. He authored seven books and wrote numerous articles related to energy and climate change. He also runs a website (

Geneviève Férone-Creuzet


Geneviève Férone-Creuzet is a Doctor in International Economic Law and worked for the IEA, OECD and UNHCR. Chairperson of Casabee, a consulting firm on sustainable territories, she also founded ARESE, the first French social and environmental rating agency for listed companies. She headed the CoreRatings agency, subsidiary of Fitch Ratings, and was also Director for Sustainable Development of Veolia Environment and member of the Executive Committee of Eiffage. Vice-chair of the FNH, she wrote many books on economics and environment.

Michel Lepetit


Michel Lepetit is an independent director in the life insurance and in the infrastructure engineering sectors. Graduate from Ecole Polytechnique and former executive of Compagnie Bancaire, Crédit local de France, Caisse d’Epargne and AXA, he is also a researcher in Economics, Energy and Finance history at the interdisciplinary LIED laboratory and expert at the Energy and Prosperity academic chair. Within the Shift, as expert of green finance, he leads the Observatory 173 Climate – Life insurance and works on the GDP/oil historical and prospective link ; the massive financing of energy-efficient building renovation ; the analysis of global energy transition scenarios ; climate-risk rating methodologies ; energy transition monetary policies ; and green finance regulatory issues. He is spokesman of the IN GLOBO project : massively financing the low carbon economy with private savings.

Sylvain de Forges


Sylvain de Forges is a former Chief Executive Director of the Agence France Trésor (2000–2003). Graduate from Polytechnique (X74) and ENA, he was the Deputy Chief Executive Director in finance, strategy and prospects for AG2R La Mondiale (2010–2016) after working for Veolia Environment. He is now Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Spread Research, a financial and non-financial rating agency specialized in small and mid-cap businesses. Administrator of the Shift since 2016, he first wanted to get involved in the Decarbonize Europe Manifesto.

André-Jean Guérin


André-Jean Guérin is a former senior official of the French Ministry of Environment. Graduate from Polytechnique (X69) and General Engineer of the Ecole des Eaux, Ponts et Forêts, he directed the Fondation Nicolas Hulot (1991–2000) and now is its treasurer. He is also adviser to the French Economic, Social and Environmental Council (2010–2015). Historical fellow of the think tank, he helped driving the Decarbonize Europe Manifesto before becoming Administator of the Shift in 2016.

Laurent Morel


Laurent Morel graduated from Centrale Paris. Chairman of several companies (automotive, industrial vehicles, real estate, finance), he was notably the Chairman of Klépierre group (2009–2016) before becoming an associate of the consulting firm Carbone 4 in 2017. Administrator of the Shift since 2016, he co-leads a research on climate risk rating with Michel Lepetit .

Zeynep Kahraman

Project Director

Zeynep Kahraman coordinates all the research projects of the think tank. Economist and econometric graduate of the Toulouse School of Economics, she joined the Shift in 2011 as Project Manager. Among others, she developed the Shift’s Energy-Climate Data Portal and worked GDP with Gaël Giraud on an economic research project aimed at demonstrating the causal relationship between energy and GDP. She is co-author of the book Décarbonons ! 9 propositions pour que l’Europe change d’ère (Odile Jacob, 2017).

Laurie Marrauld

Project Manager

Laurie Marrauld initiated in 2019 a project on the health system, climate change and energy with The Shift Project. She is a lecturer at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Santé Publique (EHESP), specializing in the question of the use of digital technologies in health. After a PhD at Télécom ParisTech in management sciences, she joined the LGI of the Ecole Centrale de Paris and the CRG at the Ecole Polytechnique as a post-doctoral fellow. At EHESP, she focuses on the consequences of the introduction of ICTs in health in a context of epidemiological, demographic and socio-technical transition.

Anaïs Roesch

Project Manager

Anaïs joined The Shift Project in 2019 to carry out a study on how the cultural sector, notably education, takes into account energy and climate stakes. She has graduated in International Relations from Sciences Po Grenoble and the Simón Bolivar Andean University (Republic of Ecuador). Anaïs also holds a Master’s degree of Arts in “Curatorial Studies” from the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig (Germany). She has been working on the crossing of cultural and environmental stakes for over 10 years. Anaïs explores the power of art and the role of its stakeholders in the ecological transition. Anaïs worked for COAL and produced ArtCOP21, a festival entirely focused on climate issues during the COP21. She has also worked at the Pompidou Center (Paris, France), Berlin’s Natural History Museum, the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and in Embassy, and now supervises the international development of AWARE.

Laura Foglia

Project Manager

After a double training in Political Economy (Bocconi Milan) and Management (HEC Paris), Laura Foglia worked 25 years in the field of mobility policies at different territorial scales. She has been a researcher (Bocconi, ECIS, IFSTTAR), consultant and project director in France and internationally at SYSTRA, head of the ARTELIA Group’s mobility division and head of mission for the Paris Region transport authority. She joined the Shift in 2018 to lead the project “Guide pour une Mobilité Quotidienne Bas-carbone”, of which she is the main author. She is a mobility policy consultant, trainer, and ambassador for the Shift on mobility issues.

Rémi Babut

Project Manager

Rémi Babut is co-pilot at the French building renovation passport initiative Expérience P2E. A graduate in city planning, project management and environmental analysis from the French Ecole des Ponts ParisTech with 3 years of experience, mostly as a consultant and research project manager. After over two years with engineering consultancy Frank Boutté Consultants, he joined Expérience P2E in 2018.

Romain Grandjean

Project Manager

A graduate of Arts et Métiers ParisTech and the IFP School, he previously worked for an oil group for several years. He is the project manager and main author of the two studies carried out by The Shift Project in partnership with Afep: “Climate risk analysis: actors, methodology, perspectives” (published in 2018) and “Energy-climate scenarios: evaluation and instructions for use” (published in 2019). Find him on Twitter.

Hugues Ferreboeuf

Project Manager

Polytechnician, Engineer from the Corps des Mines and a graduate of Télécom ParisTech, Hugues Ferreboeuf has held several senior management positions in subsidiaries and business units within the France Telecom Orange Group. He then led an international double career in management, as an entrepreneur and consultant. He has been at the head of the Banking and Finance sector of the British Telecom Group, where he was involved in numerous digital transition projects. He then got specialized in the management of transitions (energy, digital, generational) and, since 2017, he steers the “Lean ICT” project for the Shift since 2017, at the crossroads between digital and energy transitions.

Guillaume Piaton

Project Manager

Guillaume Piaton was a co-pilot at the French building renovation passport initiative Expérience P2E between 2017 and 2019. He has been working for 6 years on energy, climate and environmental issues in the construction sector, and is a graduate in energy and environmental processes from the Ecole des Mines de Nancy. Between 2016 and 2018, he has been co-leading the Passeport Efficacité Énergétique’s digital and technical development at Expérience P2E, and focusing on the training auditors for the Passport and structuring the experimentation with local public authorities.

Benoit Montels

Project Manager

As a thermal engineer and energy efficiency consultant for buildings, Benoît Montels is also involved in environmental associations such as Avenir Climatique. A graduate of the Paul Sabatier University in Housing Engineering, energy performance and comfort, he worked for several years with research organizations (INSE, Atmosphères) before joining the activity and entrepreneurs’ cooperative, SCOP Oxalis. From 2016 to 2019, he led the Energy Efficiency Passport, run by the P2E Experience Association . The Shift is a founding member and provides the secretariat of this association.

Francisco Luciano

Project Manager

He is a civil engineer and urban planner specialized in mobility. Between 2016 and 2017 Francisco Luciano led the Shift working group on low carbon mobility in medium density zones, which report was published for the Assises de la Mobilité. A graduate of the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, the Universität Stuttgart and the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, he has devoted his career to urban transport and to urban sustainable development. Among others, he has been a researcher, an urban planner for the German development bank, director of tramway projects and head of international development projects for a multinational public transport company. He now works as an independent consultant and entrepreneur. In 2018 he took charge of CITEC’s Paris office.

Cédric Ringenbach

Former Executive Director

An engineer, graduate from the École Centrale de Lille, Cédric Ringenbach has worked ten years as a consultant in business intelligence before he starts working on the adaptation of the Carbon Assessment. In 2010, he takes over the management of the young think tank. He had run the association for more than 6 years and has been leading several projects, including the integration of energy criteria into household real estate loans. He also worked a lot on the Energy Efficiency Passport. Having left the Shift in 2016, he is now full time lecturer on climate change, consultant and teacher in higher education classes (Centrale Nantes, SupAéro …).

Frédéric Dinguirard

Project Manager

Engineer graduated from the INSA Lyon, Frédéric Dinguirard is specialized in IT project management, carbon trading registers and mechanisms, and climate negotiations. He worked for the Caisse des Dépôts, the World Bank, RTE, La Poste, EcoAct and the State of Gabon (National Climate Council, Ministry of Equal Opportunities). He also led forest improvement projects in several countries and advised the Chinese administration on the implementation of a greenhouse gas emissions record. Between 2015 and 2016, he led a project on carbon pricing for the Shift, which played a major role in reviving the debate on the desirability and the means of introducing a carbon bottom price in France and in Europe.

Pierre Lachaize

Project Manager

A graduate of Polytechnique and ENSTA ParisTech, he worked as a consulting engineer at Bossard Consultant. He was then Associate Director of CapGemini and Director of Information Systems at Unedi afterwards. He contributed to the works of the Shift, including the Usages of GDP project, Public procurement and Innovation and INDCs and the carbon budget. He is currently an independent consultant and writes a book on the currency.

Guillaume Emin

Project Manager

Graduated in finance from Sciences Po Paris, Guillaume Emin first worked in corporate finance and commercial banking (KPMG, Banque Palatine) and in SRI analysis (Oddo Securities, Candriam). In 2013, he joined and then led the association AFTER (Association for the Financing of Ecological Transition and Thermal Renovation) which run the SFTE project (Energy Transition Financing Company) led by Alain Grandjean, Gaël Giraud and Michel Lepetit. The SFTE report, published in 2014, proposes an European investment strategy with a broad partnership between the public and the private sector. The objective is to stimulate the economy thanks to the energetic renovation of schools, hospitals and all public buildings. In 2014 he joined the young rating agency Beyond Ratings and launched the activity of climate-energy analysis of sovereign risk.

Brice Mallié

Project Manager

A graduate of the London School of Economics, , Brice Maillé began his career in an Anglo-Saxon consulting firms in the 90s (Arthur Andersen, Ernst & Young). He has been the Chief Executive of BPI Group, (leader in human resources consulting and services). In 2012, he founded Crosstalent, a solution provider in the field of employment, process management and HRM systems. Between 2013 and 2015, he led the Shift’s working group on energy-efficient building renovation and then led the development of the first Energy Efficiency Passport.

Alexandre Barré

Project Manager

Physics and statistics engineer from Polytech Grenoble, Alexandre Barré is a specialist in electric systems. He led the Shift‘s project on how to make residential electricity consumption more flexible. He is the co-founder of the association The Shifters, which brings together the volunteers of the think tank. He is also a member of its board of directors. He started his career as an analyst engineer in the production department at EDF. In 2017, he joined the Union Française de l’Electricité as a business advisor and worked, among others, on renewable energies and the involvement of territories.

Léo Bénichou

Project Manager

Polytechnician and a graduate of the KTH University of Stockholm, Léo Bénichou joined the Shift after a stint at the CEA. He led the first projects of the Shift, among which the design of the “Rogeaulito” global energy scenario modeling tool. He also contributed to the Shift Energy-Climate Data Portal. He now works in solar and electricity storage for Engie.

Marion Denantes

Project Manager

A graduate in international economics from Paris Sorbonne University and in international law from the ASSAS University, Marion Denantes worked in Brussels on the evaluation of EU climate policies. Between 2013 and 2015, at The Shift Project, she created and coordinated the network of volunteers, then founds The Shifters association. She later resumed her studies to complete a Strategic Carbon Management MBA at the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom. Since 2014, she has been developing mitigation, adaptation and development projects for the international firm E co.

Hélène Le Téno

Project Manager

Engineer of Les Ponts et Chaussées and graduated from the University of Tongji in Shanghai, Hélène Le Téno began her career in hydrocarbons (Shell) and finance (Coequip). Manager at Carbone 4, in 2013, she piloted the project to map the carbon transition for the Shift. On this basis, she published the book “Miser (vraiment) sur la transition carbone” with Alain Grandjean. In 2015, she joined Scop Auxilia to lead the business consulting division and, since 2017, the SOS Group’s environmental transition department.

Margaux Montagnon

Project Manager

Engineer from École Centrale Lyon, Margaux Montagnon led the project on mortgage lending and energy resilience with the Shift, which aimed to analyze the potential consideration of energy expenditure in home ownership projects. After working with the Shift, she joined the engineering firms Indiggo, Artelia (Water & Environment, then City & Transport) and then the Energy Regulatory Commission, where she has been working since 2017 on tenders for renewable energies.

Jean-Guillaume Peladan

Former Executive Director

He was The Shift Project‘s first Executive Director, from 2009 to 2010. Jean-Guillaume Peladan, an engineer, is a graduate from the École Polytechnique and École des Mines. He worked for the Boston Consulting Group and led several subsidiaries of Suez Environnement. He created the Shift alongside Jean-Marc Jancocivi, Geneviève Férone-Creuzet and Michel Lepetit. He led the Shift for a year and secured the first fundings, before joining the French Agency for Environmental and Energy Management (ADEME) as Director of Investments for the Future. He is currently the director of Strategy and Environmental Research at Sycomore Asset Management.

The Shift Project is strongly supported by an association of volunteers: The Shifters

The Shifters is a network of volunteers with a wide variety of profiles, experiences and skills, interested in the carbon transition of the economy whether they are already involved in this field or not.

Whether you are, translator, professor, job seeker, househusband, artist, engineer or writer, doctor or gardener, antique dealer or marketgardener, all talents are welcomed to take up climate change and energy transition challenges!

The Shifters are dedicated to three missions:

  • Supporting The Shift Project in its work, by making occasionally available their taskforce and/or skills for The Shift Project;
  • Informing, debating and training on the economy decarbonation (including its scientific, technical, and political aspects, and in terms of issues, actors, solutions and current events);
  • Disseminating the ideas and works of The Shift Project among their own networks and developing new networks in the economy decarbonation.

Their commitment is based on the five following core values: technical and scientific requirements, openness, impartiality, professionalism and friendliness.

Some of the missions performed by The Shifters :

  • Translation of several elements concerning topics related to climate and energy for the German coalition agreement, the European report on energy refurbishment, etc.;
  • Collaboration on Obesrvatory 173 Energy and Climate Transition of Life Insurance in France;
  • Contribution to the development of several notes of our Decarbonize Europe Manifesto;
  • Contribution to various Shift‘s works on the link between GDP and Energy and on corporate climate reporting;
  • Tracking of energy-climate proposals of candidates in the presidential election;
  • Organisation of conferences and events to build general population’s awarness of the different solutions to tackle climate change issues;
  • Contributing to the Shift back-office at the COP 21 (analysis of draft agreements and INDCs);
  • Launch of The Shifters’ own podcast : Time to shift
  • Organisation of a film festival : Projection Transition
  • Creation of a monthly newsletter about the news of legal development on climate : La Gazette du carbone
  • Launch of the job platform to « shift your job » towards a more climate friendly institution :
  • and dozens of other missions…

The Shifters is a dynamic community of thousands of members that expands through local groups throughout France and the world. Beginning of 2021, the Shifters account for more than 30 local groups on numerous territories. These groups set up monthly meetings to discuss and organise their work.

You can join The Shifters community if you want to decarbonize the economy.

Une réunion mensuelle des Shifters à la Mairie du IIème arrondissement de Paris

A monthly meeting of The Shifters at the townhall of the 2nd district of Paris.

Conférence des Shifters à Bruxelles

A conference of The Shifters in Brussels on how to reduce one’s carbon footprint.

Conférence des Shifters à Bruxelles : "Et si je pouvais faire quelque chose pour le climat ? Le rôle du citoyen dans la transition carbone"

A conference of The Shifters in Brussels, on the citizen’s and consumer’s role in the carbon transition.