Amy Dahan on the failures and possibilities of climate governance

The Shift Project was delighted to welcome Amy Dahan, a science historian and mathematician whose book sheds a unique light on climate governance. The study, co-written with Mr. Stefan Aykut, aims to place current climate negotiations in their historical context and identify main obstacles.

World Efficiency 2015

Date : 13-15 october 2015
The Shift Project is a partner of World Efficiency 2015, which will be held October 13th-15th in Paris. This brand new "show and congress" will bring together policy-makers, economic players and solution developers to tackle global warming and the depletion of resources.  program_of_the_event.pdf

Fossil-fuel supply in Europe: potential restrictions on the horizon!

The think tank Friends of Europe has published a contribution by Matthieu Auzanneau, Public Affairs and Forecasting Manager for the Shift, about the future of the fossil-fuel supply in Europe. 

Trophies for Climate Solutions

Date : July - October 2015
The Shift Project partners with ADEME, the C3D, Crédit Coopératif, ORÉE, Solutions COP21, World and Efficiency for the launch of "Climate Solutions Trophies". The aim is to reward the best solutions deployed by companies which contribute to mitigation of and / or adaptation to climate change.

The Shift Project calls on France to support the recommendations of the Canfin-Grandjean report on climate financing

The report "Mobilizing Climate Finance" was submitted to the French President on June 18. Its authors, Pascal Canfin and Alain Grandjean, offer a "roadmap to support a low carbon economy." Six months ahead of the COP 21, The Shift Project hopes that the recommendations of the report will generate a strong interest among political and economic decision makers.

The UK energy transition: an overview by Dustin Benton (Green Alliance)

Dustin Benton, head of energy and resources for Green Alliance, spoke at the June 9th Shift "Workshops". He gave an overview of the energy transition in the UK with a focus on the evolution of the electricity sector from a historical and political perspective. 

5th IPCC report: translation delays

Tableau des publicationsWith 6 months to go until the COP 21, The Shift Project is surprised to see that several documents issued by the IPCC have not been translated into French. Those reports are crucial for climate negociations to succeed. 

Don't rejoice too hastily: declining oil prices are misleading

Pierre-René Bauquis, a geologist and economist, member of the scientific board of The Shift Project, wrote an article in Les Echos on behalf of the ASPO (Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas) to warn about the misleading nature of the drop in oil prices.

Spotlight on the climate in Cannes

The emergency around climate change is at the centre of "La Glace et le Ciel" ("Ice and the Sky"), a movie shown at the Cannes Festival's closing ceremony this year. The film, whose director Luc Jacquet had won the best documentary Oscar for « La Marche de l’Empereur » ("The Emperor's Journey") in 2006, gathers archives of French glaciologist Claude Lorius and highlights the impact of GHG emissions on the planet. 

Six months ahead of COP21, the French energy transition law is not tackling climate change head-on

The French transition law has not made GHG reduction its number one priority, following discussions by the French Assembly. The Shift Project thinks making the climate issue a priority is indispensable for France to have both a coherent and sustainable energy strategy. As it stands now, the draft law on the energy transition isn’t about reducing the use of fossil energy : it is a text on getting out of nuclear energy, which may lead to an increase of CO2 emissions.