"Big oil" against "peak oil"

big oil peak oilFollowing the publication of Leonardo Maugeri's report in which the former head of italian oil giant ENI makes an optimistic analysis of oil production by 2020, expert Olivier Rech provides a solid counterargument in a blog featuring graphics from The Shift Project's data portal.  

Sign the call to stop subsidizing pollution

The Climate Action Network (RAC-F) and Fondation Nicolas Hulot pour la Nature et l'Homme (FNH) call for a stop to subsidies which favor pollution and the creation of a fiscal system integrating ecological concerns. Join The Shift Project and many other signatories to carry the message forward!  

Does the debate around electric vehicles boil down to electricity-induced emissions?

On June 19th, The Shift Project invited a panel of experts to discuss the issue of mobility in a carbon-constrained world with a focus on the electric vehicle. A summary of all 4 interventions (by Carbone 4, the CEA, Renault and Cofiroute) as well as videos of the conference are available online (in French).

A carbon-free Europe is both a necessity and an opportunity

"Not tackling climate issues essentially means not doing anything to avoid importing increasingly rare fossil fuel". Jean-Marc Jancovici, Brice Lalonde and Bo Kjellen explain why 'decarbonizing' Europe is a priority in French daily Le Monde (the article, published on June 19th, is in French).  

The conference organized by the Shift and ESCP Europe addresses the link between energy, economy and society

 The indisputable link between energy and economy was at the heart of the conference which took place at ESCP Europe on June 5th, 2012. A summary of the three interventions (by Jean-Marc Jancovici, President of The Shift Project, Jean-Marc Daniel and Olivier Delbard, both associate professors at ESCP Europe) and videos of the entire conference are available online (in French).

Academic success for Rogeaulito in Sweden

On May 25th, two of our interns, Joseph Hajjar and Bastien Praz, presented Rogeaulito during a seminar organized by The Shift Project at KTH, Stockholm’s prestigious scientific university. The seminar was an opportunity for Joseph and Bastien to present the work they have carried out for their Masters theses and show the concrete usage of the Shift’s prospective energy tool.    

TSP-data-portal.org is now online !

www.tsp-data-portal.org homepage browse and export energy and climate data  The Shift Project team has the great pleasure to announce the publication of its Data Portal !   Tsp-data-portal.org gathers public data that can be exported just with a few clicks. Then you are free to use it for your keynotes or research analysis.    Information is organized in so called "datasets". Each dataset allows you to generate a large number of graphs. You can easily browse data thanks to a user friendly design and with the help of a powerful business intelligence software called QlikView.  

Back to the future … of world oil demand and barrel price

The words “prevision” or “forecast” are to be banned of our vocabulary when we talk about energy scenarios, in particular  for long term studies. Still, it is interesting to look backwards in old publications to see what were the projections 5, 10 or even 15 years ago.   The following graph shows the evolution of past projections of International Energy Agency for world oil demand in World Energy Outlook. 

"A Slow-Motion Revolution: Why Aren’t We All Telecommuting?"

Home working currently seems to be a very good solution to numerous daily problems. When we work at home we avoid the stress of traffic jams, spats with colleagues or school leaving time; in short our quality of life increases considerably. 

Expressing one's mood

montée du prix du pétroleWhy is the price of oil rising? …       It’s rising …    because an oil rig blew up,   because OPEC said it wanted it to rise,   because the trouble in Egypt makes people fear the closure of the Suez canal,   because hedge fund speculation is more and more active,   because America has been hit by a blizzard,   because OPEC is holding a meeting,   because OPEC doesn’t hold a meeting,