IPCC Vice-Chair Jean-Pascal van Ypersele releases a book


Jean-Pascal van Ypersele, IPCC Vice-Chair (2008-2015) and member of The Shift Project’s scientific committee, has just released a book titled “Une vie au coeur des turbulences climatiques” (“A life at the heart of climate turbulence”). In it he tells the story of the 20 years he has spent working with the IPCC.

The book offers something for all readers, whether they are experts, climate change stakholders or the general public. Having participated in countless IPCC meetings and scientific reports (which are references for the international community) and attended all main climate summits since the “Earth Summit” in Rio (1992), van Ypersele provides priceless information for anyone eager to  better understand issues at stake, especially on the eve of the COP21.

Presented as a simple interview led by Thierry Libaert, and written with the support of Philippe Lamotte, the book includes exclusive personal recollections and sheds an insightful light on various crucial issues.

Photo: ©Jacky Delorme (UCL)