The Shift Project calls on France to support the recommendations of the Canfin-Grandjean report on climate financing


The report “Mobilizing Climate Finance” was submitted to the president on June 18. Its authors, Pascal Canfin and Alain Grandjean, offer a “roadmap to support a low carbon economy.” Six months ahead of the COP 21, The Shift Project hopes that the recommendations of the report will generate a strong interest among political and economic decision makers.

(Photo : DR Republic’s presidency – Marie Etchegoyen)




The Shift Project fully supports the recommendations made by Alain Grandjean (economist, member of the Scientific Councils of The Shift Project and the Nicolas Hulot Foundation) and Pascal Canfin (former Minister of Development, Special Advisor to the World Resources Institute).

With contributions by Ian Cochran (CDC Climat and Research) and Mireille Martini (Energy and Prosperity Chair), the report “advises the French government on how to move forward the agenda of innovative financing in the various international forums in which it participates (G7, G20, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) …). This report covers but is not limited to the innovative financing tools qualified to be so in the years 2000 (a tax on financial transactions, auctioning revenues from carbon markets …), and makes proposals for an innovative use of the climate tools at the disposal of private and public actors in order to scale up the mobilization of public and private funding towards a low carbon economy. “

2 documents are available : the executive summary, and the full report.


Download the report (pdf – english): Report – Mobilizing Climate Finance

Download the executive summary (pdf – english): Executive Summary – Mobilizing Climate Finance