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The team

The Shift Project‘s collaborators are of diverse backgrounds, and are managed by the Executive Director Matthieu Auzanneau. The think tank operates under the supervision of the Internal Committee and its President Jean-Marc Jancovici. Project Managers lead the working groups, and The Shift Project is actively supported by volunteers organized within an independent association, The Shifters.

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The Shift in the media

Press contact : Jean-Noël Geist – 06 95 10 81 91 – communication@theshiftproject.org A glimpse of The Shift Project in the media : find below a selection of articles.  2019 2019-11-18 – Les Échos | « Les grands groupes mis au défi d’une vraie stratégie sur le climat  2019-09-27 – France Culture | Entre croyances et savoirs […]

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