Low-carbon solutions take center stage at World Efficiency


The first edition of World Efficiency was held Oct 13-15 in Paris. An international showcase of business solutions for climate and resources, the event highlighted the need to engage in the « decarbonization » of the economy. As partner of the event, The Shift Project organized 6 high-level plenary sessions with industry leaders, experts and political decision-makers.

All videos are online. They are only available in french except for the plenary session on building.

How to decarbonize GDP?

Speakers : Gaël GIRAUD (Chief economist of the French Development Agency l’Agence, researcher at the CNRS and member of the Scientific Council of The Shift Project), Geoffroy ROUX DE BEZIEUX (Founding President of Notus Technologies / Vice-president of the Medef), Pierre MOSCOVICI (European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs), Michael KUMHOF (Senior Research Advisor, Research Hub, Bank of England), Jean-Marc JANCOVICI (President, THE SHIFT PROJECT).

Moderator : Michel LEPETIT (Vice-Chair and Treasurer, THE  SHIFT PROJECT)

Climate change : a global challenge, but also an opportunity !

Exclusive keynote speech by Jean-Pascal VAN YPERSELE (IPCC Vice-Chair 2008-2015), author of “une vie au coeur des turbulences climatiques”, de Boeck supérieur 

How to decarbonize the passenger transport sector starting with Europe? 

Speakers : Pierre COPPEY (COO Vinci), Barbara DALIBARD (CEO SNCF Voyageurs), Frédéric MAZZELLA (CEO of BlaBlaCar),

Moderator : Jean-Marc JANCOVICI (President,THE SHIFT PROJECT)

How to decarbonize European buildings in order to reduce its GHG emissions by 75%?

Speakers : Martin BOUYGUES (CEO of BOUYGUES), P. PELLETIER (President of Plan Bâtiment Durable), Jens BIRGERSSON (CEO of Rockwool International),

Moderator : Jean-Marc JANCOVICI (President, THE SHIFT PROJECT) 

How to (re)concile “low carbon” with investment financing, on a domestic or transnational level?

Speakers : Xavier HUILLARD (CEO of VINCI), Alain GRANDJEAN (Economist, Co-founder of Carbone 4 and member of the scientific council of The Shift Project), Jean BOISSINOT (Head of Banking and Financial Sector Analysis, French Treasury), Daniel LEBEGUE (President of Transparency International France, Honorary President and President of the Club recherche of the french institute of directors (IFA)).

Moderator : Michel LEPETIT (Vice-Chair and Treasurer, THE SHIFT PROJECT)

How to decarbonize the European Energy sector?

Speakers : Philippe VARIN (Chairman of the Board of AREVA), Patrick POUYANNE (CEO of Total), Michael LEWIS (Chief Operating Officer of E.ON Climate & Renewables), Jean-Bernard LEVY (CEO of EDF), Anne HOUTMAN (Principal Advisor, DG Energy, European Commission)

Moderator : Jean-Marc JANCOVICI (President,THE SHIFT PROJECT)