« Carbon Roulette » : A serious game about carbon transition

« Carbon Roulette » : A serious game about carbon transition. What is the optimal way of investing 10 000 billion euros to tackle the European carbon transition?

Carbon Roulette Carbon Roulette Carbon Roulette

Place your bets! Europe is up against the ‘carbon constraint’ and you are in charge!

The Shift Project launches an innovative workshop. “Carbon roulette” is a role-playing game in which participants are at the head of European Company Inc. and must decide on a wide array of actions across all economic sectors.

Participants are divided into small groups which elaborate an investment strategy with a budget of 10 000 billion euros. The challenge is to achieve a four-fold reduction of greenhouse emissions by 2050 while saving as much energy as possible and reducing the bill for fossil fuel imports.

Each participant is given a set of « Action Cards » (here) representing low carbon industry and policy measures that are meant to be combined in the most optimal way to build a sound investment strategy.

Teams benefit from the help of facilitators who are climate and energy experts and can advise on the various choices to be made.

They will get support from a software calculator which takes into account systemic impacts of the actions undertaken (implementing one action impacts other potential measures). These systemic impacts cover the full range of energy carriers (oil, gas, electricity and others).

Carbon Roulette Carbon Roulette Carbon Roulette 

What is the optimal way of investing 10 000 billion euros to tackle the European carbon transition??


Will you manage to find the optimal solution to achieve a low-carbon Europe by 2050? Or will you diversify your portofolio of actions to demonstrate the relevancy of your plan when presenting it to an assembly of virtual stakeholders?

Using a playful and didactic approach, The Shift Project offers the participants of « Carbon Roulette » a unique learning experience.

This experience has proven to be particularly relevant in the current context of energy transition. This necessary transition will bring radical change and a redistribution of power: some will lose due to a lack of anticipation, some will adapt and succeed to overcome the crisis. It’s your turn to choose the right path to manage the transition and achieve a low-carbon Europe!  

Contact: You can contact the following email adress for further information about this workshop- cedric.ringenbach (a) theshiftproject.org