Energy Shift Financing Agency : a unique tool for the energy renovation of public buildings


The Shift Project is part of the consortium of the ESFA (Energy Shift Financing Agency; SFTE in French), whose public launch took place June 19th 2014.

The ESFA projet is an innovative apparatus for the Bank and Finance Conference on the Energy Transition. It seeks to develop a massive plan for the energy renovation of public buildings, through the creation of a tool adequately combining industrial efficiency and financing.


A feasability study is being carried out by the association A.F.T.E.R (Association for the Financing of the EneRgy Transition) with the support of a large consortium (see below) and the contribution of Carbone 4 (energy strategy & carbon), Global Warning (energy strategy & finance) and Lefèvre Pelletin & associés (legal expertise).

The need to invest in infrastructures for the energy transition is enormous. Indeed, the price of energy is on a strong upward trend, energy independence is becoming strategic, and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions is key in managing climate change. However the economic, financial and regulatory context makes long-term financing difficult.

The Energy Shift Financing Agency (ESFA) proposes to call up to public guarantee in order to massively accompany credit to the energy transition. Thanks to a large consortium (industry, financial organizations, local authorities, NGOs and foundations), a feasibility study is on its way with the aim of gathering €50 to €100 billion to finance the energy renovation of buildings at the best conditions (low and long term interest rates), in France to start with, without putting a strain on public debt.

Consortium SFTE