Serious question marks are now being raised concerning the suitability of GDP as the benchmark indicator for political decision-making. This measure ignores the fact that the economy depends on physical resources –by taking account only of the human contribution– and as a result creates the impression of an ‘infinite world’, negating any preparation whatsoever for managing the challenges that await us.

So to make progress towards answering the question of ‘What do we replace it with?’ it seems clear to us that we should first answer the question ‘What purpose does it serve and why do we use it?’. We have therefore developed a listing of GDP uses by user category.

The purpose of this workshop is not therefore to propose consensual additional indicators, but to prepare a proposal for the effective replacement of GDP by ‘something else’ (decision-making process, indicator selection criteria, involvement of decision-makers, etc.).


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Pierre Lachaize 

Pierre Lachaize graduated from Polytechnique. He has 25 years of experience as a consultant for the business sector within Bossard and CapGemini. 




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