The Shift Project submits its EU ETS proposal to the European Commission


Triggering low carbon investments through an auction reserve price on C02 allowances 

The Shift Project submits its contribution to the European Commission

For “The Shift Project”, the debate on monitoring the carbon price signal in Europe needs to be reopened. Indeed, the carbon price signal has proven to be insufficient to trigger the required investments in order to reach climate change objectives. 

As part of its work on the reformal of the EU ETS, The Shift Project submitted its contribution to the European commission public consultation on 16 March 2015 and recommended the setting of a predictable, long-term auction reserve price on allowances auctionned on the EU ETS.

In order not to affect the european enterprises competitiveness, The Shift Project suggests to increase the recourse to european domestic projects within the framework of the joint implementation. 

As a reminder, The Shift Project took position in november 2014 in favor of the Market Stability Reserve (MSR) by proposing amendments to the European Parliament.

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