The Shift Project celebrates its 5th anniversary!



Delighted guests, lively discussions, upbeat music and a festive atmosphere characterized the Shift Project’s 5th birthday at La Bellevilloise on January 5th, 2015. This celebration was the perfect opportunity for our think tank to thank all those who contributed to its evolution and with whom we continue to build tomorrow’s low-carbon economy.

We hope that our patrons and the actors of the energy transition, who came in large numbers, enjoyed the evening. We also hope that partnerships will continue to grow and that innovative ideas will keep coming in order to help The Shift Project produce more expertise and solutions. In this way we will fight against climate change and strengthen our energy resilience.

This year is a decisive one for climate. The Shift Project will, of course, be mobilized ahead of the Paris COP21, as it partners with the Business & Climate Summit on May 20th-21st, and World Efficiency, taking place October 13th-15th.