ECO2 Climat: the French carbon indicator


Designed by the consulting firm Carbone 4, the engineering school Ecole des Mines and TV station TF1, ECO2 Climat is the first carbon indicator (CI) to measure the carbon consumption of the French population. Introduced in December 2009, the CI endeavours to assess each month the carbon emissions generated by the French through the following activities: building homes, energy consumption, services (public and private sector), transport and consumer goods.

The indicator was conceived first and foremost as an educational instrument to raise public awareness. Each month the results are broadcast on TF1 to help the general public better understand what these greenhouse gases are, how they are being produced and how an individual’s everyday behaviour can affect consumption levels. What is interesting about this indicator is that it also takes indirect emissions into account, for example those produced abroad for goods consumed in France. There are plans to develop the CI over time as the calculation method is improved.

Read more at: Eco2 Climat.


Picture credits: TF1