An improved and enriched Version 2 for the TSP Energy-Climate Data Portal


The Shift Project launched the new version of its energy-climate data portal in late May. This Version 2 uses the Qlikview technology developed by the QlikTech company.

Since 2011 a broad array of energy and climate statistics are centralized at the site, where they are freely available to all visitors, for consultation and sharing.

With Version 2 the site offers better graphics, and simpler and more intuitive navigation. The site is also more comprehensive, with no fewer than 30 different datasets available to visitors. Researchers, academics, journalists and students, citizens and energy professionals alike will find reliable high-quality data on our website.

The portal provides statistics on primary energy production and consumption, electricity generation, global greenhouse gas emissions, and information pertaining to most of the available major energy production forecasts.

Graph Data Portal

This data can be sorted, compared and classified by country, year or future energy scenario, with just few clicks. The site proposes many sharing functions, making it very simple to publish graphs on other blogs, websites and social networks.

This participative platform is destined to grow in the future, and all users can submit to The Shift Project their ideas for improvements and new datasets to be integrated.

All of these features make the TSP Data Portal an original, unique and effective tool.

For more information, you can download a 2-page description of the Portal or visit this page.