12th International Weather and Climate Forum – March 28-31 in Paris


12th International Weather and Climate Forum

The Shift Project is a network partner of the International Forum of Weather and Climate, to be held on 28-31 March in Paris.

The International Weather and Climate Forum is an annual international event created in 2004 and focused on the issue of climate change, which remains a major challenge for humanity. Its main objectives are to raise public awareness on climate issues and provide a platform for professional exchange and discussion, enhance skills and create synergy.

PARIS, MARCH 28 TO 31, 2015 – An edition under the colors of PARIS CLIMAT 2015

The 12th edition is taking place in the context of discussions leading to PARIS CLIMAT 2015 (COP21). Its central challenge will be to put the global economy on a path which allows global warming not to exceed 2 ° C compared to the pre-industrial era.

The success of PARIS CLIMAT 2015 requires a strong commitment and support of the greatest number (political and economic leaders, associations, general public, civil society at large, …) to the stated objectives. This mobilization can be effective only for the people who will understand the difficulties but also the promises in terms of quality of life and harmonious development of our societies. All studies show that much remains to be done in the field of education and training on climate change.

The 12th International Weather and Climate Forum will offer a program dedicated to the Public and a program reserved for the Professionals.

  • The Public Program offers animations and debates on climate change issues, impacts and mitigation and adaptation strategies.
  • Every year, the professionals’ part unites experts, professionals and weather forecasters from the all over the world around training, symposium and media-workshop.