Assises de la mobilité: critical review of The Shift Project

The Shift Project took part in the French Assises de la Mobilité in the workshop "Towards cleaner mobility", the synthesis of which was published on 13 December, and warns against adopting a solution based mainly on technological progress with uncertain effects. This forum will remain "as the first time of the refoundation of our transport policy", said the Minister of Transport who closed the Assises on December 13th. To what extent? Files:  2017-12-13_cp_bilan_des_assises_par_the_shift_project.pdf

Questionning the scenarios of the International Energy Agency

by Michel Lepetit, Vice-president, The Shift Project - CEO, Global Warning The International Energy Agency (IEA) has released its annual flagship publication: the 2017 World Energy Outlook (WEO): 782 pages of dense energy expertise, and energy forecasts, for the 25 years to come. The IEA being the main reference concerning energy transition scenarios, The Shift Project believes it is relevant to question its methodology. Read the first edition of this analysis. Files:  2017_12_11_analysis_weo2017_scenarios_iea_english.pdf

The Shift publishes « Décarbonons ! 9 propositions pour décarboner l’Europe »

The Shift delivers keys to understanding the energy transition in its book « Décarbonons ! 9 propositions pour que l’Europe change d’ère » which was co-written by Zeynep Kahraman, André-Jean Guérin and Jean-Marc Jancovici.

Climate change: the economic world is calling upon the next president to set a (really) commensurate strategy with the Paris Agreement

The « Decarbonize Europe Manifesto » has been signed as of today by almost 80 leading companies’ CEOs and many smaller ones, professional associations and numerous French academics. It is calling upon the French presidential candidates, as well as the European States in general, to implement as soon as possible a strategy and an action plan consistent with the ambitions of the Paris Climate agreement in order “to achieve a level of greenhouse gas emissions close to zero by 2050 !”.

“Decarbonize Europe Manifesto”: be part of the movement!

Let’s decarbonize Europe for good! Jean-Marc Jancovici, The Shift Project’s president, introduced the press to the “Decarbonize Europe Manifesto” on Thursday, March 21st. The “Manifesto” is a call for action signed by numerous economic leaders and is calling upon the next political leaders to implement as soon as possible a strategy and an action plan consistent with the ambitions of the Paris Climate agreement.

The Shift Project partnered with Produrable 2017 on March 14th & 15th, Paris

The Shift Project partnered with the 10th edition of Salon Produrable, which took place in Paris’ Palace of Congresses on March 14th and 15th. This professional event has become unmissable for experts in sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.

The Shift Project’s director awarded by the French Association for Energy Economics

Matthieu Auzanneau, The Shift Project’s director, was awarded on Thursday, November 29th the French Association for Energy Economics’ Prix spécial for his book « Or noir, la grande histoire du pétrole » (La Découverte, 2015).

Global emissions: -5% per year now, or... impossible later?

Note d'analyseGiving ourselves a chance to limit global warming to +2°C implies that global greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced by a yearly 5% starting from 2018. Delaying action any further, means making this already significant challenge virtually impossible to meet. If we wait for 2025, for example, the pace of emissions reductions would have to reach no less than 10% per year. Unrealistic: this equates to halving global emissions over a period of 7 years, as is set out in a briefing paper published by think tank The Shift Project in the wake of COP22. Files:  …


The Shift Project is launching the OBSERVATORY 173 ON CLIMATE & LIFE INSURANCE, which will assess annually from the second quarter of 2017 how well climate risks are taken into account and managed by the life insurance sector in France.                     Files:  pr_observatory_173_on_climate__life_insurance_the_shift_project.pdf pm_observatorium_173_fur_klima_und_lebensversicherung_the_shift_project.pdf cp_observatoire_173_climat_-_assurance_vie_the_shift_project.pdf …

Matthieu Auzanneau appointed director of The Shift Project

Matthieu Auzanneau was appointed Director of the think tank The Shift Project on October 1st 2016. He replaces Cédric Ringenbach, who will now be dedicating his expertise on climate and energy transition issues to teaching.