TSP-data-portal.org is now online !


The Shift Project team has the great pleasure to announce the publication of its Data Portal !

Tsp-data-portal.org gathers public data that can be exported just with a few clicks. Then you are free to use it for your keynotes or research analysis. 

Information is organized in so called “datasets”. Each dataset allows you to generate a large number of graphs. You can easily browse data thanks to a user friendly design and with the help of a powerful business intelligence software called QlikView.

Today, the beta version of the portal contains about twenty datasets sorted out in three main categories:

– historical statistics on primary energypower generation and greenhouse gas emissions,

– synthesis graphs based on existing energy scenarios,

– didactic graphs allowing you to explore the link between conventional oil production scenarios and recoverable resource volumes.

Designed as an open platform, tsp-data-portal.org can host your contributions, ideas for new graphs or new analytics. (Contact)

Right below, you can have an insight on primary energy production statistics for the 20th century. It consists of an iframe that you can easily include in your website or blog.

The Shift Project wishes you a pleasant journey on board !