Deploying Digital Sobriety


We are pleased to share with you the third part of our work on the environmental impact of digital technology: “Deploying Digital Sobriety“.


This report is also available in French. Click here.

Our first two reports, “Lean ICT – Towards Digital Sobriety” (2018) and “Climate: the unsustainable impact of online video” (2019), helped us define our vision of the concept of digital sobriety. The findings thus established have fueled, notably through the production of figures, an awareness of the importance of the environmental footprint of digital, its worrying increase and the systemic reasons that lead to this situation.

This third report aims to propose operational methodological frameworks for implementing digital sufficiency: in public strategies and policies, in companies, and in systems of use in the private domain.

  • Communities and other actors: how to assess whether the deployment of a connected technology, such as connected lighting, is really relevant from an energy point of view, and therefore really “smart”?
  • Organizations: how can we build and maintain energy-efficient information systems (IS) in companies and administrations?
  • Public debate: how and why do some digital uses develop rather than others, and why is this important?