Assises de la mobilité: critical review of The Shift Project


The Shift Project took part in the French “Assises de la Mobilité” in the workshop “Towards cleaner mobility”, the synthesis of which was published on 13 December, and warns against adopting a solution based mainly on technological progress with uncertain effects. The Shift Project values the openness of the organizers and encourages public authorities to explore the different paths for developing a coherent long-term strategy.

The purpose of the conference was to “identify the priority needs and expectations of all citizens regarding mobility, paying particular attention to daily life mobility, to rural and peri-urban areas”. This approach responded to a very appreciable democratic logic of consultation.

Following the publication of its report « Décarbonize mobility in average density areas », The Shift Project was invites to take part in the debate, and strived to highlight the relevance of alternative solutions to the individual car across the country.

This forum will remain “as the first time of the refoundation of our transport policy”, said the Minister of Transport who closed the Assises on December 13th. To what extent?