SNCF - Benefactor Member

The SNCF Group is represented by Christian Dubost.


Christian Dubost is the Sustainable Development Director of the SNCF.




Why does the SNCF support TSP?


Several reasons contribute to developing the SNCF’s interest for an economy less dependent on carbon: 

-          we believe that the mobility of people and goods, levers of economic dynamics and of the social cohesion, must adapt to a context of increasing stress on energy and to making our activities carbon-neutral. From this point of view, rail transport is unquestionably relevant. 

-          energy is an essential resource for a mobility operator. The exploration of the consequences of a transition to a sober economy is imperative for a capital intensive group whose investments are made on the long term. 

-          lastly, mobility markets are probably going to be transformed on the medium term, new actors will emerge, new behaviour patterns are emerging: the SNCF needs to anticipate them and to share this societal transformation with other key actors of the economy. 


This is the meaning of our interest for this project: Redesign Economy to Achieve Carbon Transition.