Scientific Committee

The Scientific committee is a group of recognised experts who meet once a year to discuss ongoing projects and act as censors, propose other experts in the relevant scientific disciplines and make sure that the working groups use the most up to date and accurate scientific data available. The Scientific committee is appointed for a three-year period upon recommendation by the President, with approval by the Board of Directors. It can elect its own President. The President of the Board of Directors and the Managing Director attend the Scientific committee meetings.

The current members are: 

Jean-Pascal van Ypersele

Vice-President of IPCC (Belgium)



Pierre-René Bauquis

Energy expert, Professor in London and Paris




Alain Grandjean

Environmental economist, co-founder of Carbone 4




Hervé Le Treut

Director or Research at the CNRS, Member of the Académie des Sciences




Jean-François Mouhot

Jean-François Mouhot

Professor at Birmingham University and EHESS in Paris




Bernard Seguin

Bernard Seguin

Engineer, agronimist. Research Director at the INRA


Gaël Giraud

Gaël Giraud

Economist, senior researcher at C.N.R.S. (French national centre for scientific research)


Jacques Treiner

Phyisicist, Professor at Sciences Po




Mathieu Arnoux

Professor at the University Paris Diderot, Director of Research at EHESS