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ROCKWOOL, inventor of sustainable solutions and energy transition player


ROCKWOOL conceives and manufactures stone wool insulation solutions.

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Energy efficiency expert
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ROCKWOOL is a Danish group whose priority is to protect the environment and to contribute to the creation or renovation of healthy, safe and performant buildings.


Its French factory lies at the foot of the Auvergne region volcanoes, in Saint-Eloy-Les-Mines, Puy-de-Dôme. Over 700 people work at the site. Since its 1980 implantation, it has benefited from substantial investments, making it one of the group’s flagship sites. Rockwool is a world leader in stone wool with 25 factories and 8000 employees worldwide.

Stone wool is widely recognised by professionnals for its remarkable performances in terms of acoustic and thermal protection. In addition, its non-combustability protects buildings and their occupants from fire - which is one of the reasons why stone wool is used for buildings open to the public and is recommended by insurers.


Stone wool solutions and products enable all the parties involved in the construction process to successfully comply with regulation - thermal, acoustic and fire-related. Recyclable and sustainable, basalt-derived stone wool contributes to the renovation and construction of low-energy buildings with a limited environmental impact.

By helping to avoid greenhouse gas emissions and enabling energy savings, our products contribute to the protection of the environment. Since the cheapest and least-polluting energy is the one that is not consumed, insulation greatly contributes to creating a carbon-free society.


With The Shift Project we have found sincere, trustworthy and high-quality partners. They are as determined as us to find innovative solutions for issues in relation to the economy, the climate, energy, the environment and society. These are the challenges we have to meet in order to build a fair and balanced society.