Our targets

Our primary target group can be described as ‘intermediaries’, by which we mean all those individuals whose analyses or work provide the raw material for economic and political decision-making.

Economic decision-makers

In the world of economics, we target company CEOs, heads of industry federations or unions, directors of institutes and –more widely– opinion leaders at European and international levels.

The academic and institutional world

The academic and technical world exerts a great deal of influence –often via the media– on the world of economics. We therefore seek to engage in jointly-conducted scientific and economic projects with research laboratories, graduate schools, other institutes and think tanks.

Media and NGOs

The most striking messages generated by the work done by TSP will be communicated to the media and, in some cases, to selected opinion-forming channels in the non-profit and employee representative sectors, with which we maintain close and regular contact.

The world of politics

The world of politics –which includes European Community decision-makers and the heads of influential international bodies– is clearly one of the ultimate targets for TSP proposals. However, our main focus will be on reaching this group by relying on selected economic actors to convey the propositions we bring forward.

The general public

The general public is not one of our primary targets, but it will clearly be affected by the opinion channels with which TSP interacts.