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Roundtable: A carbon price floor for the power sector (French National Assembly, Paris)

Date : June 29th 2016
  A roundtable on the implementation of a carbon price floor in the power sector in France will take place at the French National Assembly, as part of an initiative by the Working group on Energy. The Shift Project will join other experts on the panel. Roundtable: Implementation of a carbon price floor in the power sector in France,  National Assembly - Paris Wednesday June 29th, Palais Bourbon  

Debate: The pros and cons of a carbon price corridor at CEPS - Brussels

Date : June 29th 2016
In collaboration with the Center for European Policy Studies (CEPS), The Shift Project organised a debate in Brussels dedicated to the French proposal of a carbon price corridor. Panelists included representatives of SSE, Iberdrola, CEZ, Norsk Hydro and The Shift Project.  The Shift Project and CEPS: The pros and cons of a carbon price corridor At VOKA (across the square from CEPS) Rue Royale 154-158 1000 Brussels     The implementation of a carbon price corridor is a proposal backed by the French Government, which has also announced a national carbon tax on the power sector.…

Carbon Pricing Session at the Business & Climate Summit - London

Date : June 29th 2016
  The Shift Project partnered with the World Bank, the World Economic Forum, The Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition and the Carbon Disclosure Project to organize the 2016 Business & Climate Summit key session on carbon pricing: a high-level panel and debate was hold on June 29th in London. The Business & Climate Summit, brought by the Climate Group, is the leading annual forum for businesses, investors and policymakers on climate action. It is where business and governments come together to agree a roadmap for reaching net zero emissions over the next half century. It…

Here are all the videos and reports from our conferences at the 2015 Solutions' Gallery!

Date : 2 - 9 december
The Shift Project was at the Solutions Gallery from the 2nd to the 9th of December, a few hundred meters away from the Blue Zone of COP21. We organized three plenary sessions, where numerous climate change experts and officials from various organizations were invited.

Low-carbon solutions take center stage at World Efficiency

Date : 13 - 15 october 2015
The first edition of World Efficiency was held Oct 13-15 in Paris. An international showcase of business solutions for climate and resources, the event highlighted the need to engage in the « decarbonization » of the economy. As partner of the event, The Shift Project organized 6 high-level plenary sessions with industry leaders, experts and political decision-makers. All videos are online.

Business and Climate Summit (partnership)

Date : 20-21 May 2015
The Shift Project was a partner of the Business and Climate Summit, held on 20 and 21 May 2015. The summit, which took place at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, brought together business leaders and government representatives of many countries. Companies are now aware of climate risk. Business leaders have indeed recognized the very need to establish a carbon price. But no agreement has been reached on the conditions of its implementation.

Conference : Investing to decarbonise the economy

Date : February 13th, 2015
Fossil fuels are the main cause of climate change. One of the solutions to « decarbonise » the economy is the depreciation of companies owning coal, oil and gas reserves. In view of the upcoming COP21 in Paris, Quattrolibri, la Revue Banque and The Shift Project gathered experts for a 2-hour debate in order to understand issues tied to this potential "carbon bubble" and discuss possible options.

The Shift Project celebrates its 5th anniversary!

Date : 5 January 2015
The Shift Project celebrated its 5th birthday with over 150 people on January 5th 2015. Driving the economic world to help create a low-carbon society: such is the crazy idea that many are helping us turn into reality. We thank all those who have contributed to making the Shift what it is today.

Conference - An overview of climate investments in France

Date : 21 octobre 2014
France wants to meet the dual challenge presented by energy shortage and climate change. But the funds dedicated to energy transition in France are not sufficient. Following the release of its study called "An overview of climate investments in France in 2011", CDC Climat Research held a conference with the Shift on Oct. 21, 2014 in order to open the debate on energy transition financing.