Mapping of the carbon transition

The carbon transition is an ambitious collective project aimed at changing models of production and consumption. The transition is already underway, and will call for substantial investment over the coming decade. All the actors in the field must be mobilized, and indeed, the transition is itself a major lever for driving the development of territorial entities. The Shift Project has decided to map out the carbon transition, as a way of informing political decision-makers of the main outcomes at stake and the anticipated impacts of a transition plan, in terms of job creation, purchasing power and lower energy bills. This mapping also gives them a toolbox, with ideas for action and a set of tools for financing the transition. 

This research project aims both to convince decision-makers that a transition plan is worthwhile, and to illustrate the means that can be deployed to achieve this transition. These include experimentation, innovation, suitable financing plans, dynamic cooperation between local actors, and positive communication to present this project as “desirable”.

Executive summary

You can download the report's executive summary here: Executive summary (PDF-English) or here: Résumé aux décideurs (PDF-French).
Executive summary-mapping of the carbon transition
The full report is available since April 2013, in French only.


The findings of the study were presented at a conference held on April 16, 2013, followed by a round-table discussion between specialists and professionals, and a question-and-answer session with the audience.


Presentation by
Hélène Le Teno (Project leader) - February 2013