How we operate

TSP brings forward factual information unavailable elsewhere regarding the links between the economy and energy, and uses that information as the basis for debating reasoned proposals for the initiatives and measures required to manage the shift to a world better-placed to resist the constraints imposed by carbon.

The factual information we supply is designed to bring to the attention of our target audience those considerations likely to be of major importance in building a public consensus. This may take the form either of identifying and describing areas of deadlock, or identifying cause/effect linkages not previously highlighted. 

Our proposals are intended to sustain the processes involved in decision-making and consensus by providing information for French-speaking and English-speaking decision-makers and those with the ability to shape public opinion. This information is generated from economic and scientific research and analysis conducted on the basis of realism and practicality, and guided by a total commitment to scientific objectivity.

In this way, The Shift Project is progressively building an innovative and well-argued position by adopting a transparent approach that ensures total traceability of its work.

The Shift Project uses a range of different resources: it forms working groups to examine the issues surrounding transition, hosts events designed to encourage discussion between stakeholders, engages in lobbying initiatives to target decision-makers in the widest sense, and builds partnerships with the academic world.

At present, TSP is funded essentially by companies.