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Brice Lalonde

Brice Lalonde

United Nations (UN) Assistant Secretary-General and Special counsellor for the UN Global Compact

 "At last, here is a source of ideas and proposals. Encompassing the economy in its relation to the world of physics, independent from political or ideological groups, bearer of a real project for Europe, this initiative is uncommon enough to deserve attention."



Michael Kumhof

Deputy Division Chief, Economic Modeling Division, Research Department, International Monetary Fund (IMF)

 "The Shift Project provides an extremely useful forum for the exchange of ideas. Their work on fossil fuel scarcity and climate change transcends the narrow boundaries of academic economics, academic physical sciences, political interests and business interests, and brings all of these together to generate a productive exchange of ideas and information."




Jean-François Mouhot

Jean-François Mouhot

Phd. in History, fellow researcher at the University of Georgetown and the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) in Paris

 “The Shift Project tackles the major problem of our modern societies, – the energy and climatic crisis – and brings forward pragmatic solutions, far from the utopian propositions that idealize human nature.”




Alain GrandjeanAlain Grandjean

Economist, Carbone 4 associate and National Debate on the Energy Transition (DNTE) Experts Comity President.

 "Reconciling economic activities with the stakes of the energy transition: a worthy challenge tackled by The Shift Project with enthusiasm, daring and professionnalism."