Here are all the videos and reports from our conferences at the 2015 Solutions' Gallery!

Date : 2 - 9 december
The Shift Project was at the Solutions Gallery from the 2nd to the 9th of December, a few hundred meters away from the Blue Zone of COP21. We organized three plenary sessions, where numerous climate change experts and officials from various organizations were invited.

Get real about carbon pricing - fast

We’re almost there, yet everything remains to be done. The climate agreement about to be brokered by the international community boils down to one thing: pledges. Turning national pledges on emissions reduction into reality will demand national commitments both in terms of investments and political consensus. The cornerstone is said to be the implementation of meaningful carbon pricing around the world. While there are several ways of achieving this, there are even more potential dead ends.

Science, politics and finance at the Shift’s plenaries

As partner of the Solutions Gallery, The Shift Project was in Le Bourget – a few steps from COP21 - from the 2nd to the 9th of December. Numerous experts and economic leaders came to speak at our 3 plenary sessions on various aspects of the low-carbon economy. Among them, world-renowned climatologist James Hansen, Youba Sokona, vice-chair of the IPCC, Kevin Conrad, executive director of the Coalition for Rainforest Nations, and Jane Hupe, Deputy Director Environment at ICAO's Air Transport Bureau.

Key economic leaders call for carbon price and European industrial policy

On October 15th at World Efficiency, The Shift Project brought together the leaders of Total, Areva, EDF and E.ON Renewables, as well as a representative of the European Commission for a plenary session on the european energy sector. With Jean-Marc Jancovici, president of The Shift Project, as moderator, the session gave way to an enriching debate.

Low-carbon solutions take center stage at World Efficiency

Date : 13 - 15 october 2015
The first edition of World Efficiency was held Oct 13-15 in Paris. An international showcase of business solutions for climate and resources, the event highlighted the need to engage in the « decarbonization » of the economy. As partner of the event, The Shift Project organized 6 high-level plenary sessions with industry leaders, experts and political decision-makers. All videos are online.

Mark Carney's historical speech: the finance world must take climate risk into account

M. Carney, Chairman of the Financial Stability Board (the very respectable G20 international institution) says out loud what global finance managers think out loud. And there he is, strongly criticized for his unambiguous words on « stranded assets », which could be devalued if the carbon budget available under a +2°C limit, according to the IPCC, was respected.

HEC's pre-COP21 event: "Climate is our Business"

On October 1st, The Shift Project participated in the leading French business school's major pre-COP21 event: « Climate is our business ». HEC had organized numerous roundtables and side-events as well as presentations of innovative and ecological start-ups, ranging from waste recovery to insect-based flour. 

IPCC Vice-Chair Jean-Pascal van Ypersele releases a book

Jean-Pascal van Ypersele, IPCC Vice-Chair (2008-2015) and member of The Shift Project's scientific committee, has just released a book titled "Une vie au coeur des turbulences climatiques" ("A life at the heart of climate turbulence"). In it he tells the story of the 20 years he has spent working with the IPCC.  

Amy Dahan on the failures and possibilities of climate governance

The Shift Project was delighted to welcome Amy Dahan, a science historian and mathematician whose book sheds a unique light on climate governance. The study, co-written with Mr. Stefan Aykut, aims to place current climate negotiations in their historical context and identify main obstacles.

Fossil-fuel supply in Europe: potential restrictions on the horizon!

The think tank Friends of Europe has published a contribution by Matthieu Auzanneau, Public Affairs and Forecasting Manager for the Shift, about the future of the fossil-fuel supply in Europe.