Here are all the videos and reports from our conferences at the 2015 Solutions' Gallery!

Date : 2 - 9 december

The Shift Project was at the Solutions Gallery from the 2nd to the 9th of December, a few hundred meters away from the Blue Zone of COP21. The Shift Project organized three plenary sessions, where numerous climate change experts and officials from various organizations were invited.

The videos of our plenary sessions are now available online, so that everyone can benefit from the exciting debates that took place.

We hope that you will enjoy (maybe for the second time for those of you who were there) these three debates !

Massive financing of energy efficiency in public buildings in Europe 

                                                                            PDF - summary (french)                                                   Video

Moderator : Michel Lepetit, Vice president of The Shift Project, President of Global Warming and Co-founder of Beyond Ratings

Speakers : Alain Grandjean, Economist, co-founder and associate, Carbone 4 ; Maître Olivier Ortega, Section manager on Public and Administrative Law and Member of the managing committee of Lefèvre Pelletier & associés ; Julien Touati, Development Director at Meridiam ; Pierre Georges, Director – Corporate ratings at Standard & Poor’s ;  Peter Sweatman, CEO of Climate Strategy & Partners and member of the G20 - Energy Efficiency Financial Task Group (EEFTG) Secretariat ; Benoit Leclair, Vice president of the regional council of Rhône-Alpes, Delegate for energy and climate


Is it possible to design sound climate policy while ignoring science?

                                                                            PDF - summary (english)                                                 Video


Moderator : Jean-Marc Jancovici, President of The Shift Project 

Speakers : Dr. James Hansen, Professor at the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Columbia University and former head of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies ; Sir David King, Foreign Secretary’s Special Representative for Climate Change ; Dr. Youba Sokona, IPCC Vice Chair ; Abel Julio Gonzalez, Academician at the Argentine Nuclear Regulatory Authority


Can the aviation sector finance the protection of forests ?

                                                                               PDF - summary (english)                                                Video

Moderator : Brice Lalonde, Special Advisor on sustainable development to the UN global compact

Speakers : Kevin Conrad, Executive Director, Coalition for Rainforest Nations ; Per Pharo, Director of Norways International Climate and Forest Initiative ; Lionel Guérin, Chairman and chief executive officer of HOP! Air France, chairman of the board of directors HOP! ; Michael Gill, Executive Director of Air Transport Action Group ; Jane Hupe, Deputy director environment at ICAO's Air Transport Bureau